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Established in 1976, the North Carolina Rural Water Association, Inc® (NCRWA) is a member-owned, non-profit, trade association based in Welcome, North Carolina. Originally formed to be the collective voice of the water and wastewater systems across the state, NCRWA has played an active role in state and federal advocacy for nearly the past 4 decades. In addition to advocating on behalf of our member utilities, NCRWA is also a leader in onsite technical assistance,  source water and wellhead protection planning, and training for professionals across the industry.

NCRWA is governed by a 15-person, member-elected Board of Directors with day-to-day operations being managed by the Executive Director. Approximately 20 staff members work each day to provide our members with the resources they need.

Please contact us anytime NCRWA can be of assistance to your system. 

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