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Circuit Rider/Water Technical Assistance Program

Circuit Rider Program

Technical Assistance

No cost, on-site technical assistance is a key ingredient in North Carolina Rural Water Association’s (NCRWA) effort to assist systems in the quality of utility services in rural North Carolina. NCRWA’s circuit riders assist local governments and systems in their operational efforts to protect the public’s health and comply with complex regulations.

On-Site Technical Assistance to Water Systems

NCRWA provides free on-site technical assistance to water systems through the Circuit Rider Program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service and the State Revolving Fund. The Circuit Rider Program provides hands-on assistance to water systems through leak detection assistance, pipe and valve location as well operational matters such as water treatment, testing, and emergency management. Circuit Riders can also assist with various reports and provide valuable information on water rates, loan and grant applications, and other managerial issues.

Circuit Riders contact information:

Al Slover:  919-812-5115 or alslover@ncrwa.com
Mike Hill:  919-812-6088 or mikehill@ncrwa.com
Keith Buff:
  336-309-9363 or keithbuff@ncrwa.com
Becky Turner:  919-812-5744 or beckyturner@ncrwa.com
Marty Wilson:  919-745-7968 or martywilson@ncrwa.com

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