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Wastewater Technical Assistance Program

Wastewater Program

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The North Carolina Rural Water Association’s Wastewater Training and Technical Assistance Section provides on-site technical assistance and training to small rural and municipal wastewater systems across North Carolina. Our goals are to promote proper wastewater treatment, to increase the operational knowledge of system personnel, to increase the management skills and knowledge of board members and system personnel, to increase the professionalism of wastewater and system personnel, and to promote environmental stewardship across the state of North Carolina.


(DWQ approved contact hour sponsor)

Treatment Facilities:
Process controls
Operation and maintenance
Lab compliance
Record keeping

Collection System:
Smoke testing
Camera inspection
Flow monitoring
Operation and maintenance
Inflow and Infiltration

Regulatory compliance
Rate evaluation
Environmental issues
Funding procurement

Equipment Loan:
Smoke blowers
Flow meters
Basic lab equipment

Important Links to the Division of Water Quality (DWQ)
DWQ Home Page
Certified Operators Lists

Notes from Training
Odor Control
Collections System Permit Review
Smoke Testing (part 1)
Smoke Testing (part 2)
Fats, Oils, & Greases (part 1)
Fats, Oils, & Greases (part 2)
Spill Response Template
Grade I Plant Tour

If you are in need of any wastewater assistance please contact:

Dwight Lancaster, Wastewater Technician 
at 919-812-2717 or dwightlancaster@ncrwa.com

Fred Summers, Wastewater Technician 
at 919-812-5119 or  fredsummers@ncrwa.com

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