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Utility Professional Program

Utility Professional program

Professionals in the water and wastewater industry come in many different forms and have many different qualifications and backgrounds. However, the North Carolina Rural Water Association (NCRWA) would like to offer a manner in which to recognize those that we feel have taken the initiative to grow their professionalism in our industry. We feel the key areas that define a Utility Professional include: Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Administration, Finance and Technology. In addition to these areas, NCRWA also feels that networking and participating in industry-related professional and trade organizations is equally important. Therefore, we are proud to announce the Utility Professional program.

Unlike other professional recognitions that are about taking a class and passing an exam, this program is about learning and growing. It is about knowledge and relationships. It is about acknowledging those that go beyond their job description to develop the professional within them.

In order to qualify for the Utility Professional program, an applicate must demonstrate that they have attended or participated in the following curriculum of professional development & service-related opportunities:

  • 42 hours of total training required (instructor hours are eligible):
    • 6 hours of the NCRWA Leadership Summit classes
    • 6 hours of the NCRWA Conference Leadership Development sessions or Administrative sessions
    • 6 hours of the NCRWA Customer Service Training seminar
    • 18 hours of the Water University UMC Training Course
    • 6 hours of outside professional development directly related to the areas of the program (Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Administration, Finance and Technology) from one of the following organizations:
      • NCLM
      • NCACC
      • NCAMC
      • AWWA Customer Service or Effective Utility Management Training series
      • NCWOA
      • NCAWWA-WEA
      • WEF
      • UNC School of Government
      • Other related organizations (Email training@ncrwa.com if you would like pre-approval of a provider or a specific course.)
  • 10 hours of volunteer service to NCRWA
    • Conference assistance
      • 4 hours maximum per year
    • Classroom instruction
      • No max
    • Program development
      • 5 hours max
    • Articles for publication/electronic media outlets
      • 2 hours max per article
    • New member recruitment (recruiter name must be listed on new member application to qualify)
      • 5 hours per system member recruited
      • 3 hours per associate member recruited
      • 1 hour per individual member recruited
    • Other related service, email training@ncrwa.com for preapproval

In order to earn the Utility Professional program, an applicant must complete the 52-hour curriculum within any 3-year period and be a member in good standing. Once completed, they must download the application form at www.ncrwa.com and submit it to training@ncrwa.com or mail it to:

PO Box 540
Welcome, NC 27374

Frequently asked questions:

Who should be interested in the Utility Professional program?

Everyone should be interested! Directors, managers, engineers, operators, contractors, vendors, clerks, billing and administrative personnel of all types are encouraged to participate. This curriculum is about expanding your knowledge and developing beneficial relationships with other professionals in your industry.

What does it cost to apply for the Utility Professional program?

Absolutely nothing! NCRWA is interested in seeing professionals grow by expanding their industry knowledge and professional relationships.

Is there a renewal for the Utility Professional program?

No! There’s no continuing education, no renewal fees, or future exam to take. NCRWA wants to recognize those that seek to grow and progress in the industry.

Can I use past courses to meet the requirements for the Utility Professional program?

Yes. Several professionals in our industry should already be close to meeting the requirements for the recognition. As long as all required sessions are completed within 3 years prior to the date of application, they are fully eligible to be used.

What’s the catch?

No catch! We recognize that professionalism develops as individuals surround themselves with outstanding colleagues in these types of learning environments. Our goal is to promote and nurture this growth. Our theory is that once a person has attended and participated in this curriculum, they will have developed a network of peers, increased their knowledge in the target areas, and have gained several years of experience. All key ingredients to becoming a Utility Professional!

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